Our ongoing relationship with The American Academy of Pediatrics has allowed us to
update their flagship journal, Pediatrics, as it evolves.


Pediatrics is the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), publishing original research, clinical observations, and special feature articles in the field of pediatrics, as broadly defined.


As the American Academy of Pediatrics’ flagship journal, its design should convey the abundance of knowledge and research that the Academy has, but in a way that entices its audience.


In 2009, AAP came to us because the journal was dense and not drawing in readers, while a focus group found the journal cold and too research-based. Back then we implemented a redesign to keep from losing readers. We implemented a color coding system, created icons for certain data types, and better grouped the article sections.


The redesign was a huge success, motivating subscribers to voice their pleasure with it’s new, fresh look, and winning multiple awards from Association Media & Publishing: A gold in Journals: Most Improved, and  silver in Journals: Design Excellence.


After a few years went by and the journal evolved, it was time to simplify the layout further. This led to a design update in 2014.


The update stayed true to the Pediatrics brand while giving the content even more air through white space. Thick bands were replaced with thin lines, and graphic treatment was limited.


AAP is thrilled with the simplicity of the design, and has used this layout to set the tone for it’s other journals.

“Sharon and her team have been first-class…

…and are an important partner in our success. They quickly assessed our business requirements and offered innovative design solutions that exceeded our expectations. They truly have turned our journals into better tools for our members.”

Joe Puskarz
Director, Division of Journal Publishing
American Academy of Pediatrics


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