Pediatrics in Review

The American Academy of Pediatrics knew it was time to rebrand Pediatrics in Review, a monthly review journal.


Pediatrics in Review (PIR) is a monthly journal that includes original case reports and case review articles, along with more practice-based issues. Focus group and survey results led The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to undertake a redesign of the look and brand of PIR.


The existing cover design was well-liked, but there was a significant disconnect between the cover art and the perception of PIR content. Respondents described the cover as playful and engaging, while they described the content as informative, educational, relevant, concise and current. We had to bridge the gap by giving PIR an identity that aligns with how readers view the content.


We paired a bright color scheme with the idea of children’s art to maintain the element that was well-liked, but applied it in a more serious manner. The result is a more sophisticated, modern design. We created a detailed style guide to maintain the branding, and specs for the publisher to easily apply the principles of the design to future issues.

“Sharon and her team have been first class…

…and are an important partner in our success. They quickly assessed our business requirements and offered innovative design solutions that exceeded our expectations. They truly have turned our journals into better tools for our members.”

Joe Puskarz
Director, Division of Journal Publishing
American Academy of Pediatrics

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