One Team, One Goal

The Society of Gynecological Oncology came to us to create the look for an international campaign to raise awareness of and help eradicate gynecological cancer.


The Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s mission is to promote the highest quality of comprehensive clinical care through education and research in the prevention and treatment of gynecologic cancers. They seek to unite all members of the gynecologic oncology team in an effort to eradicate women’s cancer.


In an effort to help people, raise awareness, and show the rest of the Union for International Cancer Control family they’re serious, SGO created the “One Team, One Goal” campaign. This campaign seeks to bring together disparate voices internationally (practice, advocacy, public) in the gynecologic cancer community. SGO asked us to create an identity, exhibit graphics, pins and social media graphics for the campaign.


The “One Team, One Goal” identity had to be motivating, eye catching, unisex, fashion forward, sleek, and have colors that pop. We created the logo and bright, colorful teamwork illustration that hit the mark in terms of gaining attention and getting many to fill out a brief survey and sign the declaration to eradicate women’s cancer.

“Working with Sharon was the soundest…

…leap of faith I’ve made recently. In a split-second, I had to change graphic designers for a global coalition-building social media campaign. Sharon was recommended to me by a colleague and everything just clicked. Sharon listened to my vision and goals for the campaign, and within a week I was looking at our final campaign brand.

The design is eye-catching and smart. Everyone loves it! The campaign targets English, Portugueuse, and Spanish audiences. It was suggested to me that Japanese be added. I think the design would look particularly fantastic with Asian characters.

I expect this design will be “well-traveled” when our campaign concludes!”

Chrissy Ward
Director of Membership and Marketing
Society of Gynecological Oncology


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