NEJM Knowledge+

NEJM Group asked us to create engaging, informative and compelling marketing
collateral to promote their self-assessment learning tool.


NEJM Group brings together the people and products that have made the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Journal Watch, and now NEJM Knowledge+, leaders in providing the medical knowledge health care professionals need to give their patients the best care. The goal of NEJM Group is to meet the rapidly growing demand for essential medical information and to disseminate that content in new ways to a broader global health care community than ever before.


A vast marketing strategy to communicate the launch of NEJM Knowledge+ resulted in a need for dozens of pieces to be created within a tight timeframe of a few weeks. The goal was to inspire the target to purchase the product and engage in online activities, resulting in lead generation.


We created a design that is hip, young, fun, open and approachable while still taking advantage of NEJM Group’s strong brand. We encouraged the use of illustration in order to differentiate the product from the volumes of academic, serious, dry communications the target usually receives. We created emails, print and online ads, direct mail pieces, buckslips and a brochure all within tight timeframes.

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