Journal of Global Oncology

The American Society of Clinical Oncology asked us to design a new online-only journal, which would provide varied content to members.


The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) promotes and provides for lifelong learning for oncology professionals; cancer research; an improved environment for oncology practice; access to quality cancer care; a global network of oncology expertise; and educated and informed patients with cancer. The Journal of Global Oncology (JGO) was created to fill an existing gap in the published literature on, among numerous other things, a growing need for cancer treatment data sharing outside higher-income countries.


Our challenge was to establish a new look of the journal that demonstrates a more serious, yet scholarly style, and would work well for online use.


With print costs not being a factor, we were free to utilize color to differentiate the article types. We created a bright, modern yet inviting color palette, and selected typography that reads well online. White space is prioritized, thus enhancing each page’s scanability. Icons were created to communicate specific details related to each article. We documented the journal specs including color, typography and iconography.