Hospital Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics asked us to rebrand their journal devoted to pediatric hospital medicine.


Hospital Pediatrics, a publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is the first journal for the field of pediatric hospital medicine. Through peer-reviewed articles and AAP Section on Hospital Medicine updates, Hospital Pediatrics educates and keeps its readers informed of quality, safety, research and clinical practice advancements relevant to the field.


Hospital Pediatrics started as a newsletter that AAP wanted to move to journal status. The goal was to rebrand it to make Hospital Pediatrics more practical and approachable, falling in line with its new, peer-reviewed content direction.


We worked with AAP to develop various logo and design directions, then completed the layout of all needed template pages. We pushed for the use of cover illustration to differentiate and lighten the tone of the brand. Also, we created an identity guide to describe the brand’s essence, style guidelines and specs for the journal layout, which AAP handed over to their publisher for seamless integration of new content.

“Sharon and her team have been first class…

…and are an important partner in our success. They quickly assessed our business requirements and offered innovative design solutions that exceeded our expectations. They truly have turned our journals into better tools for our members.”

Joe Puskarz
Director, Division of Journal Publishing
American Academy of Pediatrics

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