We worked with The American College of Chest Physicians to redesign their journal, CHEST, to reflect their new brand.


The American College of Chest Physicians is the global leader in advancing best patient outcomes through innovative chest medicine education, clinical research, and team-based care.


The American College of Chest Physicians completed a brand study which resulted in a new message, positioning, and ultimately a new brand identity. This identity needed to be carried through to CHEST. While the design had to mesh with the new brand, we also had to consider the amount of recognition the current cover had, and to design it in a way that seemed familiar to long-time readers. There were also considerations made for articles that would be online only.


The new CHEST communicates the American College of Chest Physicians’ goal of making essential connections at a critical time. The new design is current, fresh and vibrant, allowing different images to be used in an organized, professional manner on the cover. Interior templates structure the vast types of content into easily digestible chunks, allowing the reader to quickly and efficiently scan the journal, stopping to read full articles as necessary. An alternate, yet complimentary, cover was designed for supplements.

“Rx Creative Lab redesigned our journal, CHEST

…as we incorporated a new branding scheme (logo and color changes) adopted by our organization. For the cover, they expertly balanced the new brand elements while subtly referencing the historical look of the journal to provide us with a vibrant new feel for the journal. On the interior pages, they assisted us in adding the new logo, more easily navigable pages, and a 21st century look. We highly recommend them.”

Vicki Tedeschi
Managing Editor, CHEST
American College of Chest Physicians

Jean Rice
Manager, Peer Review, CHEST
American College of Chest Physicians

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