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Two Scenarios for Email Automation

There are certain flows of communication that happen over and over again. Instead of handling them in a custom manner each time, consider automating the process. Here are a couple of quick ways to incorporate email automation to add to your organization’s consistency and efficiency.

Create an onboarding series for new members. You could send a welcome email upon new member registration, and a follow-up email focusing on a particular member benefit every few weeks thereafter. You can further personalize your emails by segmenting your members by specific membership types, thus focusing on benefits specific to that group.

Create an event registration and attendance (or non-attendance) follow up series. For example, you may start with communicating an event to your entire membership, and have one series for those who have not registered. Once registered, they fall into another email series which updates them on the latest news related to the event, sent out at specific time intervals.Those who did not attend may get specific emails related to the content they missed, and early bird access for the next event.

When automating your emails, take care to ensure they don’t seem robotic. Current trends (for good reason) are to limit the use of email templates, and make the email seem like it’s on a letterhead, or that it was just handtyped by the sender. The recipient will appreciate the more personal feel, and your organization will benefit from that connection.

Email automation can extend way beyond what’s mentioned here, but for those who have yet to utilize it, these are a couple of great ways to start.


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