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The Journal Redesign Process

Journal redesigns can help associations redefine how the content they present is perceived not only by the reader, but also the author. Redesigns can elevate journals and enhance their reputation, making them “the place to be” in the field. Scientific, technical and medical scholarly journal redesigns should transform extremely dense content, making it appear light and easy to read, resulting in an enthusiastically positive response from readers.

Upon determining the best approach for your journal redesign, there is a general path to go down to ensure a positive experience and the best results.

  1. Kickoff Meeting – The kickoff meeting is where the team reviews goals, the schedule, and gets into the specific elements involved. For instance, it may be time to move a certain piece of content off the front of the main article template, or there may now be a need for iconography. Each template is dissected and discussed. The big picture and project details are all covered here.
  2. Research, Design Brief – The design team does the necessary research into competing journals, sister journals, and branding guidelines. A design brief is developed as a document designers can refer to throughout the design process to keep goals and direction in mind.
  3. Font, Color, Logo Exploration – Depending on the extent of the redesign, there may be new branding involved, which means an updated journal logo, colors and fonts need to be created. Other times the colors, fonts and logo may stay the same, but it’s the arrangement of these elements that needs updating.
  4. Cover/Spine Design – Various cover designs are explored, laid out, critiqued and finessed.
  5. Interior Templates, Iconography – All necessary templates are created, using the selected cover design as a jumping off point. If it is decided that icons are needed, they will be created and incorporated into the page templates at this point.
  6. Specs and Graphic Identity Guidelines – In order to ensure the design is carried through to future issues, specs and guidelines are documented and shared with the compositor.

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