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Bending Back: Chicago Asthma Consortium

Last year we solicited applications from nonprofits who were in need of a brand overhaul. In the past as a way to give back, we would donate small pieces for various nonprofits. A flyer here, an event logo there. This time, though, we wanted to focus our philanthropic efforts in order to devote one year’s worth of branding, design and strategy work to one lucky organization. After careful consideration of many local nonprofits, we selected the Chicago Asthma Consortium (CAC).

CAC works to bring together public health professionals, business leaders, government agencies, community-based organizations, and individuals affected by asthma to raise awareness and reduce the severity and mortality related to asthma. They had much to communicate to different audiences, but a jumbled identity led to confusion in their message.

Our first step was to interview and survey key stakeholders to get a grasp on their view of the roles of the organization, and how well they felt the organization delivered on its promise. Understanding where members, volunteers and the board were coming from, and identifying gaps in how CAC wanted to be seen versus how they were actually seen was key. We conducted reviews of similar organizations and an in-depth audit of CAC’s graphic identity and website. The results of our research were revealed in a presentation that also included a SWOT analysis, impressions on identity, and introduced a brand new tagline for the organization: Enhancing lives through advocacy, education and collaboration.

Next we explored logo options and a color scheme, finalized them, and applied them to various pieces including stationery, email templates, a print newsletter, brochure, social media graphics and a new website. In November, 2014 CAC awarded Sharon with their first ever Community Service Award for Rx Creative Lab’s pro-bono work for the organization.

Special thanks goes out to Shutterwinks Photography, Floodlight Design, and Graphic Arts Services for their donations of photography, web development, and printing.











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